After his infection with Corona .. The artist Ahmed Saleh denies the statement of his father-in-law – Fikr and Art – stars and celebrities


The young Egyptian actor Ahmed Khaled Saleh, son of the late artist Khaled Saleh, lied about the statements of musician Hani Muhanna, the father of his wife, the young actress Hanadi, regarding his infection with the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

Ahmed denied what Hani said that he was doing his work normally despite his infection with the virus, stressing that he had not gone to photography for a week.

And he said, according to what was reported by the newspaper “The Seventh Day”: “The statement of the father of my wife Hanadi Mhanna is incorrect and distorted, and is completely illogical.”

He added that when he learned that his wife Hanadi was infected with the virus, he performed the necessary analysis, and the result was positive, indicating that at that time he and his wife immediately isolated himself.

He explained that he is taking the treatment protocol, pointing out that he does not suffer any symptoms so far.

The musician Hani Muhanna said, in a statement to the “IT” Arabic website, that Ahmed Khaled Saleh suffered from Corona and the result of his positive analyzes, but he is practicing his life naturally and continuously with filming because of his association with filming two series scheduled to be shown in Ramadan, confirming that he is photographing naturally with his diapers On the precautionary measures during filming.



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