After leading the trend … Ruby’s boldest looks, highlighting her femininity and beauty


Actress Ruby topped; Google trend index during the past hours; This was after director Sameh Abdel Aziz posted a picture of him with his daughter, Ruby “Taiba”, through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Commenting on his daughter’s picture, he wrote the name Dalaha Totti.

Featuring actress Ruby; With her bold and sexy look that keeps pace with the fashion era, during her participation in most parties and events, always with shots and clothes that reveal her femininity and lose weight.

And my ruby ​​shines; By choosing the open dresses in dark and light colors, which matches the color of her skin.

And relies on highlighting her beautiful features by applying light and calm makeup and was satisfied with applying a light-colored lipstick, which matches her elegant, bold look.

In this context, we publish for you a set of pictures of the artist Ruby.


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