After Mohamed Mounir .. Hani Shaker raises widespread controversy with his talk about Zamalek (video)


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The head of the Musical Professions Syndicate, Hani Shaker, expressed his anger at the bad conditions that Zamalek club has suffered during the recent period, specifically since the previous board of directors headed by Mortada Mansour was frozen last November, due to financial irregularities.

In televised statements, Shaker expressed his surprise at the emergence of the decision to suspend Mortada Mansour hours before the “final of the century” and then freeze his council after the match, despite his achievements on the sports and social levels alike.

He pointed out that all decisions to dissolve and freeze Al-Ahly councils are not implemented, while the Zamalek Council is dissolved on an ongoing basis, when the football team is at its highest levels, and close to achieving many titles.

The head of the Musicians Syndicate shot his arrows to the temporary committee that runs Zamalek in the current period, stressing that it is working against the club’s interest, calling for the return of the former council headed by Mortada Mansour, in order to save the club from what it suffers during the current period.

Shaker also criticized some state companies allocating songs to Al-Ahly without Zamalek, and spending their money on sponsoring the Red Club alone, stressing that this does not happen in European leagues such as the English Premier League.

Hani Shaker concluded his remarks by sending a letter to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, asking him to intervene in order to save the Zamalek club, stressing that the “White Knight” fans feel alienated on their land, given what their club suffers from.

Hani Shaker raised the controversy on the media, days after the statements of his colleague Mohamed Mounir, in which he confirmed that he had “retreated from encouraging the Zamalek club in the recent period, and became more in love with the traditional opponent Al-Ahly players,” saying: “I was a fan of Zamalek, but now I am.” I love Al-Ahly players. ”

Munir’s comments were widely popular on social media, as they won the approval of Al-Ahly fans, while Zamalek fans expressed their anger at these statements.

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