After retreating from encouraging Zamalek … Al-Ahly is flirting with Mohamed Mounir: “It is yours in our hearts always.”


The official page of the Al-Ahly Club interacted on Twitter with the announcement by the great singer Mohamed Mounir that he had retreated from encouraging Zamalek and his admiration for the stars of the Red Castle. Racism, always in our hearts, O king.

A few hours ago, King Mohamed Mounir revealed that he was one of the biggest fans of Zamalek club, but now he loves Al-Ahly players, noting that he is also a big fan of Bayern Munich, and at the time of the Al-Ahly match and Bayern Munich was encouraging Al-Ahly, during the fourth part of a special episode With El-King in the “Her Excellency” program with the artist and journalist Esaad Younes.

Your Excellency’s program shows the meeting of the King Mohammed Mounir in 4 parts, after the first and second episodes were shown on Monday and Tuesday.

The fourth and final episode is scheduled to be next Tuesday, and this is the first time that 4 episodes have been broadcast by an artist from the “Her Excellency” program, as the program team decided that these episodes should be a tribute to King Muhammad Mounir’s career, during which he talks about the milestones in His artistic career, and he also presents in the episode a collection of his most famous songs accompanied by his music band.


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