After rumors about his mental health and behavior .. Sherif Desouki Bakiya: Do I deserve that?


Asma El Desouki

Posted on: Tuesday 23 March 2021 – 2:55 AM | Last update: Tuesday 23 March 2021 – 2:55 AM

Sherif Desouki on his succession with Ashraf Zaki: My right is higher than my older brother

The artist, Sherif Desouky, denied all the rumors circulating about questioning his psychological health and unbalanced behavior inside the filming sites, saying that he is only asking for his right.

He asked, in a direct interview on the Internet with the “Al-Hekaya” program, presented by Amr Adib on the channel “mbc Egypt”, on Monday evening, crying: “I deserve that?”

He added that what he was subjected to was injustice, commenting: “A shame for what is said to me inside the locality is drunk and intoxicated … I am not young and brought up in a house, and until today you are laughing at their work.”

He stated that he arrives at the filming sites two hours early, saying, “I am pouring out the caravans with the workers and I have a breakfast with them on the floor.”

Regarding his problem with the artist Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, he explained that he was sad because his condition was difficult for eight months, adding: “I have my right to be upset from my big brother .. Consultants who were not able to see my legs.”


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