After speculation … know the truth about the marriage of superstar Zayn Malik and super model GG Hadid


International star Zayn Malik and the famous supermodel GG Hadid, the mother of his only daughter, seek to preserve their relationship and their lives in a framework of privacy, which usually increases questions and speculation about their relationship.

Malik Wagi Hadid has topped the famous social networking sites during the past few hours, after the international star Ingrid Michaelson appeared during a live broadcast to confirm the news of the marriage of Zayn Malik and JG Hadid.

She was talking to Ingrid, who collaborated with Zayn Malik on a song.To Begin Again“To confirm that their cooperation in the song was enjoyable, and she continued her words during a” live broadcast “about the famous star who maintains his privacy, where she said in the context of her speech that he is now married and has his child.

Zen ZG

Zeng WG

After making a fuss on th SOCIAL MEDIA Famous singer Ingrid Michaelson decided to back down and apologize to Zayn Malik’s fans through the STORIES On her Instagram page, to confirm that she was “wrong” to confirm that he is not married.

As usual, the duo preferred to remain silent, as Zayn Malik or the mother of his famous super-model daughter, JG Hadid, did not appear to be denying or confirming what was reported and sparked a sensation about their relationship


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