After the assistant referee is promoted, Ethiopia qualifies for the nations of Africa


The Ethiopian national team qualified for the African Nations Cup finals in Cameroon, despite losing to its host Cote d’Ivoire 1/3 today, Tuesday, in the final round of the eleventh group competitions.

The Ethiopian national team benefited from its direct match, the Madagascar team, with its guest, Niger.

Cote d’Ivoire leads the group with 13 points, Ethiopia is second with nine points, Madagascar is third with eight points, and Niger is bottom with four points.

The three goals for the Ivorian national team came with Willie Poli in the third minute, Frank Casey from a penalty kick in the 19th minute, Jean Kouassi in the 76th minute, and Getane Gepito secured the only goal for Ethiopia in the 74th minute.

The match was stopped in the 80th minute after referee Charles Polo collapsed on the field, and he was immediately rushed to hospital for treatment.

Polo had taken over the management of the match after the original referee failed to attend, and an Ivorian referee was used in the place of Polo to play the role of the fourth referee, but he did not have the right to manage the match after Polo had left because he had the nationality of one of the parties to the match.

According to African press reports, the meeting was completed after Kenyan referee Gilbert Cheriot, the first assistant, was promoted to become a referee of the arena to complete the remaining minutes of the confrontation.

The assistant referee’s promotion came after a series of deliberations on the field to complete the match, after Ethiopias qualification for the Nations Cup became decided without considering the defeat against Cote d’Ivoire, especially after Madagascar, the direct competitor, stumbled.


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