After the complaint of Mars .. What will happen to Simba, Tanzania, in the African Championship?


و .وضح Mars The Tanzanian club has tampered with the results of smears Corona For the Sudanese team, which resulted in the absence of 8 players from the match, which ended with the owner of the land Simba winning 3-0.

The Sudanese club indicated that it conducted Corona tests for the excluded players after meeting Simba, and the results were all negative.

The footer Mars Club Ranking his group in the African Champions League with one point, noting that the group includes teams: Al-Ahly of Egypt, Mars Sudanese, Congolese Vita Club.

It is noteworthy that Corona examinations in the African Championships before the quarter-finals, are carried out without supervision from the medical committee Confederation of African FootballAnd the team that owns the land is responsible for it.

Shata hangs

Regarding the Sudanese club’s complaint, the former president of the CAF Football Development Committee, Abdel Moneim Shata, explained that it is difficult to prove that the Tanzanian club has tampered with the results of the Corona swabs related to the players of Mars.

Shatta added to “Sky News Arabia”: “Even if the results of the swabs of the excluded players become negative, less than 48 hours after the date of the match, this cannot be conclusive evidence that Simba has falsified the results of the swabs.”

Shatta appealed to “El Kef”, demanding that there be a medical committee affiliated with the Confederation of African Football to conduct “Corona swabs” for teams before matches, provided that they are from a neutral country.

In the event that the Tanzanian club’s tampering with the results of the Corona swabs of the Sudanese Al-Merrikh players is proven before the last African meeting, the fate of Simba will be the exclusion from the African Championship, as the regulations stipulate that the team that manipulated match results is punished by exclusion from the tournament, and 3 years of African participation, in addition to To impose a fine.


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