After the death sentence .. Watch the confessions of the Giza butcher of killing his friend: Dig 2 meters here, and you will find the body


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The Giza Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Imad Attia, today, Wednesday, sentenced to death by hanging the accused Gaddafi Farag Abdel Ati, known as the “Giza Butcher”, for accusing him of premeditated murder of his friend Reda Abdel Latif, and his burial.

This came after the “felonies” received the legitimate opinion of the honorable Mufti of the Republic regarding his execution.

The ruling is the first against Faraj, the accused in 4 cases of murder.

The verdict reads: The accused Gaddafi Farraj Abd al-Ati came to something that the heavens were about to break apart and the earth was splitting with it and the mountains fell with the aim of killing the soul of the victim, Rida Muhammad Abd al-Latif, a friend of his life, whom God forbids killing except with the right, and believing in God Almighty’s saying: «It is the reward for those who fighting Allah and His Messenger, and seek mischief in the land to be killed or crucified or their hands and feet cut off from or otherwise put out of the ground it for them in this world and disgrace them in the Hereafter a great punishment ».. [المائدة:33]The court ruled in presence and unanimously to execute the accused with what was attributed to him and to refer him to the competent court.

“Gaddafi” said, in videos that documented his confessions, that he buried a friend of his life, “Rida”, who had been working as an engineer in Saudi Arabia for 20 years, and after he received him at Cairo airport upon his return, he took him to his home in the Bulaq Dakrur area to have lunch together and to review some financial accounts. His friend used to send him money to invest, but he seized it, so he put poison for him in a pasta meal to end his life, and decided to bury him in a cement cemetery that he had prepared in advance at home.

Al-Saffah also confessed to killing his wife, Fatima Zakaria, due to financial and family disputes between them, and placing her body in a large refrigerator, then buried her next to his friend.

He said that he killed Nadine, a law student, who is the sister of one of his wives, who was working in a library with him in Alexandria, and took her to Bulaq Dakrour, where he buried her body next to the body of his friend and his ex-wife.

Counselor Hamada El-Sawy, the Public Prosecutor, referred the accused to the criminal court in four cases in the Al-Haram and Bulaq Al-Dakrour departments in Cairo and Al-Muntazah in Alexandria. Four of them – his wife, two women and a man – were allegedly punished for his premeditated murder during 2015 and 2017 and hid their bodies by burying them in cemeteries prepared for that.

The Public Prosecution said that it had established evidence against the accused in the four cases from the testimony of 17 witnesses, the confessions of the accused in the investigations, and the exhumation of the remains of the victims’ bodies from the places where they were buried, and what was proven in the reports of the autopsy of those bodies and the matching of the genetic fingerprints taken from them with that taken from the relatives of the victims And what has been proven in the reports of the General Administration of Forensic Evidence Investigation regarding examining the antiquities raised from the places of exhumation of the bodies, as well as the defendant’s simulation of how he committed the four incidents, and the investigations revealed that the accused used a toxic substance to kill two of the victims before burial.

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