After the “Israa” incident, a young man still attacks a girl with a machete in Matrouh


05:20 am

Wednesday 31 March 2021

A new episode of the phenomenon of violence against women in the city of Marsa Matruh is no less ugly than the incident of the young woman Israa Emad being assaulted at the hands of her husband, except that the victim this time is a high school student who is no more than 16 years old.

The beginning of the incident that topped the social media pages during the past hours was the circulation of pictures showing a girl named “Amal A.M” from the city of Hammam in Matrouh, severely injured in the face, head and arm as a result of being brutally assaulted by a young man who attacked her with a white weapon. Dangerous to the central bathroom hospital.

Al-Hammam Central Hospital in Matrouh governorate received 16-year-old student Amal, with a cut wound in the forehead, measuring 10 cm x 3 cm, and two scalp cuts of 20 cm each, in addition to a multiple open fracture in the left hand, as a result of brutal assault From someone while she was on the street.

A medical source stated that the security unit of Al-Hammam Central Hospital informed the emergency services of the arrival of a girl with severe and multiple injuries as a result of a person’s assault on her on the street, after which a security force moved to the hospital to investigate the incident.

The medical team provided the necessary first aid to the injured girl, while she was transferred for urgent surgery until her health condition stabilized.

According to the account of the girl’s father, “Mr. M”, he reported that while his daughter, a student in the first grade of secondary school, was leaving the classroom, a young man tried to kidnap and molest her at gunpoint, “Satour”.

The victim’s father added that while his daughter was resisting the attacker, he hit her with a machete, causing severe wounds to the head and left hand, and caused her aforementioned injury while defending herself.

The pioneers of social networking pages circulated a story stating that the perpetrator tried more than once to attack the victim while she was attending the place of receiving her lessons, under the pretext of the marriage proposal, but she was avoiding him and refusing to respond to him, which made him become angry because she ignored him and refused to pursue her, until he attacked her with a white weapon that was He was in possession of those injuries that nearly ended her life, and he released a report of the incident.

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