After the Public Prosecution’s decision … the owner of the collapsed Suez Bridge property was seized


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The security services managed to seize the owner of the collapsed Suez Bridge property in Al-Salam area in Cairo, and legal measures were taken.

The Public Prosecution had ordered the two to arrest and bring the owner of the collapsed property to the Peace Department, the perpetrators of building violations in it, and the owner of a factory in it.

Where the “Public Prosecution” received a notification from the “Civil Protection Department” in Cairo on Saturday, the 27th of this March, of the collapse of a property in the (Peace Police Department 1) department, which resulted in the death and injury of a number of its residents and their presence under its rubble, so it went to inspect it and revealed searches. The Civil Protection Department »about the injured and dead bodies and their aid, the effects of demolishing the property and damaging two cars in its vicinity, and the investigations after the end of the search and rescue work conducted on the property until Sunday, the 28th of this March, revealed the death of twenty-four people, the injury of twenty-five others, and the loss of another as a result of the incident.

The “Public Prosecution” had moved to the “General Peace”, “Ain Shams Specialized” and “Nasser Institute” hospitals to debate the bodies of the deceased and review the medical reports of the injured, and asked a number of them whose health conditions allowed them to be asked, and their testimony about the existence of a clothing factory in the basement of the property And the ground floor, and the administrative authority issued during the last period before the accident a decision to close it to manage it without a license, and turn it into a clothing outlet after it was closed, and that its owner was carrying out, until the time of the accident, the installation work of marble with a ladder and the entrance to the property, and some of the families of the deceased and injured in the investigations accused the owner of The property caused by his negligence to collapse.

The Public Prosecution also heard the testimony of some of the owners and tenants of the housing units in the property who were outside it at the time of its collapse. On his conducting demolition and expansion works for the factory by removing walls on the ground floor, and an argument broke out between him and the head of the Real Estate Owners Association two days before the accident, to demand that he stop these works.

The “Public Prosecution” asked “the first president of Al-Salam neighborhood” and “the director of organization in the neighborhood” and they testified that the heirs of its owner committed building violations in it during the period from 2013 to 2017 and that they converted the activity of its basement and its ground and first floors from a residential activity to a commercial activity by establishing a clothing factory in it, and that Legal measures were taken prior to those violations by issuing reports against the violators and issuing decisions to stop and remove the violating works without implementing them, then within September 2020 one of the heirs submitted a request for reconciliation for those violations, attached to it an engineering consultancy report and another on the structural safety of the property stating its suitability for occupancy and lack of danger to lives , And the competent authority has not decided on the request to date, then this March, a decision was issued to close the factory to manage it without a license, and a report was drawn up on the incident.

An officer of the Utilities Police Department in Cairo at the Peace Office testified that he undertook it in early March, accompanied by the “head of the Peace District” and a number of engineers and workers in the neighborhood and a police force to pass by the department to remove building infringements within its area. They saw a person leaving the basement of the property with a quantity of cloth; Upon finding him, it became clear to them that there is a garment factory in the basement, and the next day the factory was closed and a report was drawn against the person responsible for it to run and operate it without a license.

The “Public Prosecution” has formed a tripartite committee from the “National Center for Housing and Building Research” to inspect the rubble of the property, indicating the reasons for its collapse and the extent of its relevance to building violations that have tainted it and the effects of recent demolition work on the walls of the ground floor thereof. From collapse and take the necessary measures for its restoration and maintenance to protect life and property.

The “Public Prosecution” also ordered the seizure and bringing of the owner of the property, those responsible for building violations and the owner of the clothing factory in it, and delegated the “Forensic Medicine Doctors” to sign the apparent medical statements on the bodies of the unidentified deceased and take samples from them to extract their genetic fingerprints and preserve them until the corner for comparing them with what is available. The identity of these bodies is determined, and I have stated that all of them will be buried after the completion of the procedures, and the investigations are being completed.

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