After the Suez Canal … the withdrawal of the ship of the aground Antigua and Barbuda in Britain


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The navigation movement was disrupted in the Aaron River in southern Britain due to the stranding of a cargo ship in the river, and this comes two days after the delinquency of the ship Ever Given, which caused the disruption of international navigation in the Suez Canal, and then the delinquent ship in the Suez Canal turned into the world’s interest because it caused the existence of dimensions Global economic disruption of navigation traffic.

The British newspaper Daily Mail said that the Elise ship broke down in West Sussex in southern Britain, which is about 80 meters long and diverted from the anchor in Little Hampton, which is located on the bank of the river, which led to the closure of the port entrance.

The newspaper pointed out that the ship Elise carried the flag of the state of Antigua and Barbuda and set off from the port of Antwerp in the state of Belgium to unload its cargo in the port of Little Hampton, and upon entering the port, the movement of the tide caused the ship to slip away from the berths in the port, and deviate about 30 meters in the course of the river, causing Shut it down.

The “Daily Mail” indicated that there were no reports of injuries or pollution as a result of the accident, and that the ship returned to its course with the help of small ships that worked to tow it.

The pioneers of social networking sites in Britain made comparisons between the misdemeanor of the ship Elise and the ship Evergreen in Egypt, and one commented, “The Suez Canal first, then the Aaron River now,” and another commented, “We hope that the global trade movement will recover from such pitfalls.”

The British Mail Online newspaper stated that the aground ship is a 260-foot-long cargo ship about 79 meters, and that the ship anchored on me in an inclined position in the Aaron River and then drifted about 100 feet and drifted afterwards in the muddy course of the Aaron River.

A spokesman for the port of Littlehampton in the province of Sussex in Britain said, “The Elise is flying the flag of Antigua and Barbuda, and it arrived from Antwerp in Belgium to unload its cargo, and that the ship was able to operate its machines at high tide and two boats were photographed safely pulling the ship to its normal position in the port, and it was returned after This was to an alternate quay, and the river was opened to navigation.

In spite of making comparisons between the delinquent Elise ship Aaron River and the ship Ever Given, which was aground in the Suez Canal, which had a tonnage of 220 thousand tons, required 13 boats of its diameter, and reached a length of 400 meters, while the length of the ship Elise was only 79 meters.

The state of Antigua and Barbuda is located on the Caribbean Sea, and it is a country made up of an archipelago located in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the borders of the Atlantic Ocean, and the state consists of two main islands, Antigua and Barbuda. The population of that country is less than 70 thousand people, and its area reaches 442 square kilometers and its capital She is Saint Johns.

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