Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud joins the Carteron apparatus in Zamalek next week


It was decided to join Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud to the technical staff of Zamalek, led by French Patrice Carteron, to take over the position of coach of the team, next week, after the session that brought together Abdul Maqsoud with Fahd Abdel Aziz, president of the Saudi Falcon Club, who is training him in the Saudi third-degree league, and witnessed the agreement to leave the coach to join For Zamalek, after leading the Falcon team in the match, it qualified for the second division league against the Al-Rowad team after excelling in the first leg, so that the return match remains only to announce the team’s rise before the departure of its coach.

An informed source revealed that Carteron’s request to join Ahmed Abdel-Maqsoud to his technical staff in Zamalek is due to the relationship that brought together the two during the coaching team’s training of Saudi cooperation, as the latter’s stadiums were hosting the training of the falcon team that Abdul Maqsoud was training to establish a relationship between the two and Carteron requested to join his technical body.

In another context, the administrative apparatus of the Zamalek club travels To Algeria on March 29th This month, to arrange for the reception of the White Mission, which is expected to travel at the end of this month, in preparation for facing Mouloudia in the fifth round of the African groups’ role.

Zamalek will meet with Mouloudia Algeria, next April 3, in the Algerian capital at the July 5 stadium, in the fifth round matches of the fourth group of the African Champions League matches, in a fateful meeting due to the necessity to achieve victory for Al-Abyad. In front of Mouloudia, Algeria Then Senegalese Tongith in Cairo With the Algerian champion losing the sixth round match against Esperance, the Whites qualified for the next round as the second group, accompanied by Esperance, who secured formal qualification by beating the Whites in the third and fourth rounds of the tournament.


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