Ahmed Fahmy on his partnership with Tariq Nour: Its goal is to get rid of my negatives on social media news


A press conference for the artist Ahmed Fahmy was recently held to announce the commercial partnership with Tariq Nour Agency for Advertising, in the presence of a number of media outlets.

The most prominent of what was stated in the press conference:

– It is a great honor for me to cooperate with Tariq Nour through a business partnership, and since my childhood, I love Tariq Nour’s works, and his ideas are always different and innovative, and the cooperation between us has never been presented.

I am one of the first artists to apologize to their audience for works that may disappoint them, and Tariq Nour Agency conducted studies on an audience in order to find out the most important negatives and get rid of them.

-Stars like Mohamed Ramadan and Ahmed Makki work individually, but I aim to work with a professional agency and with a team.

– The aim of the partnership with Tariq Nour is to achieve material and practical benefit. As for dealing with social media and the reason for the crises that occur, my partnership with Tariq Nour will help me get rid of it, but my views will not change from it.

– It is intended to provide products bearing my name, but in the long run.

– I signed a new movie with Ahmed El Sobky and attended a new movie with Synergy.

– The conflicts that occur between me and the public on Social Media have goals.

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