Ahmed Khaled Saleh: Me and Hanadi Muhanna are isolated at home, and my photography is not correct


The artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh said in a special statement to “The Seventh Day”, the statement of the father of my wife Hanadi Muhanna is incorrect and distorted, and completely illogical, pointing out that he did not go to any photography location a week ago, and when he learned that his wife was injured Hanadi Muhanna With Corona virus, he went to conduct analyzes, and the result was positive, and he and his wife Hanadi Muhanna immediately isolated himself, explaining that he is taking the treatment protocol, knowing that he does not suffer from any symptoms yet.

And some news sites circulated a statement about the musician Hani Muhanna, father of the artist Hanadi Muhanna, that his daughter’s husband, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, continues to photograph one of the artworks despite his infection with the new Corona virus.

It is noteworthy that the musician Hany Muhanna had talked about the health condition of his daughter Hanadi Muhanna after she was infected with the Coronavirus, and said that “she was infected 4 days ago, as she adheres to her home and follows the treatment protocol to recover from the virus,” adding, praise be to God, her condition is stable and she adheres to the treatment protocol inside Her house, and our last interview was 4 days ago, but there was no mixing between us and I was not infected with the virus. ”

The young artist Hanadi Muhanna announced that she was infected with the Coronavirus, after she conducted a doctor’s swab and the result was positive, as Hanadi wrote on her Instagram account: “Corona is positive, thank God.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh and his wife, the artist Hanadi Muhanna, met together during the last Ramadan season through the series “The Fatwa”, starring Yasser Jalal, Mai Omar, Ahmed Salah Hosni, Naglaa Badr, and a large number of stars, and a screenplay and dialogue by Hani Sarhan, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, and production of Synergy.


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