Ahmed Musa enters a fit of laughing in the air because of the complementary channel


Journalist Ahmed Moussa expressed his surprise From the promotion of the complementary channel Brotherhood Terrorist, hashtag “Thank you.” Champions Suez Canal, “stressing that this matter is not entirely worth a comment.

Ahmed Moussa added, while presenting his program “On My Responsibility,” broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, this evening, Monday, that the viewer’s comment on this matter, following up, “And after a while, he tells you that Egypt will win, and Sisi has decided and the will of the Egyptian people.”

Media journalist Ahmed Moussa announced the arrival of the hashtag “Thank You Heroes of the Suez Canal” No. 2 on the social networking sites Twitter, confirming that the hashtag Thank you, Sissy, has been issued on Twitter during the past few hours.

Ahmed Moussa emphasized that happiness was on the faces of all Egyptians, indicating that Egypt had succeeded in a difficult and very delicate task.

The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, launched a sharp attack on the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, the terrorist monitoring network and Reuters, confirming that it fell into the rumors of the delinquent ship in the Suez Canal.

Moussa added that these terrorist networks and channels do not have any professionalism whatsoever, indicating that Egypt succeeded in crossing the crisis without any losses and brilliantly.

Journalist Ahmed Moussa thanked the heroes of the Suez Canal for their success in moving the delinquent Panamanian ship in the Suez Canal.

Moussa said, “Today we did it in six days and thought the six hours in the October War, which is Egypt, and we tell the whole world we have the will, the ability and the power.”

A presenter assured of my responsibility that the Egyptian state managed the delinquent ship crisis with great intelligence and success.

Journalist Ahmed Moussa launched the hashtag Thank You Heroes of the Suez Canal, stressing that the men of the Suez Canal have achieved a lot and deserve thanks.

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