Ahmed Shaiba asks to pray for his son after suffering a health problem


The popular singer Ahmed Shaiba posted a picture on his personal and official account on the social networking site Instagram and asked his fans to pray for his son, after suffering a health problem.

Ahmed Shaiba wrote a comment on that picture and said: “A thousand million peace be upon you, my beloved, my heart, our Lord, my Lord, you have a desperate need, never.” I pray to Muhammad, my son, to heal.

Ahmed Shaiba asks to pray for his son after suffering a health problem

It is worth noting that the popular singer Ahmed Shaiba achieved great success through his song Ya Salam, from the words of Islam Al-Masry and composed by Omar Kamal. He has many songs that have achieved a great spread and has sung the sequences of a number of series.

About the popular singer Ahmed Sheiba:

He was born in the city of Alexandria in the Qabbari region, and the beginning of his singing career was at the age of 18, in addition to the fact that he was busy with some craftsmanship and used to sing Egyptian folk weddings until he was able to form a group for himself after that to start as one of the wedding singers in Alexandria.

It was the beginning of the singer Ahmed Sheiba Through his release of the songs on YouTube, the most famous of which is the first song, Basem Al-Hadh, Jana Abi in 2012, with his son Mahmoud Shaibah sharing it, and the second, the song I Mina Mazalni, and his son Muhammad Shaibah shared it.


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