Al-Ahly awaits the arrival of an official offer from Turkey for its rising striker


Al-Ahly club officials are waiting for the arrival of an official offer from the Turkish League to include Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the striker of the loaned team of Ceramica Club, and Ahmed Yasser Rayan makes good offers with Ceramica Club, where he scored six goals this season to enter the list of scorers this season in the league.

The last period witnessed news that Ahmed Yasser Rayan had received an offer from the Turkish League, but Al-Ahly announced through Amir Tawfiq, director of contracts, that the club had not received an official offer from Turkey or others to buy the rookie striker.

Al-Ahly officials confirmed that once an official offer to buy the young striker arrives, it will be studied and the appropriate decision taken for the player and the club together.

Al-Ahly did not decide the fate of Ahmed Yasser Rayan from returning to the team at the end of the current season after the end of the loan, despite many demands that the player return in light of his remarkable brilliance with Ceramica.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly club officials are discussing with their counterparts in Pyramids during the current days the developments of the crisis of the former with the latter regarding the sponsorship of Ramadan Sobhy, as well as the dues of the Al-Samawi Club of Al-Ahly for Mohamed Magdy Qafsha.

The crisis began during the past days after Pyramids received a letter from Al-Ahly through his Swiss lawyer, Monterrey, requesting Al-Ahmar for sponsorship Ramadan Sobhi After moving from Huddersfield, England, to Pyramids, this sponsorship is estimated at one million and 820 thousand pounds.

While the Pyramids officials responded to this letter by stressing that the matter was settled several months ago between the two clubs, as it was agreed to discount “money” sponsoring Ramadan Sobhi from Al-Ahly’s pyramids’ money and regarding Al-Samawi’s right to get two million pounds from the Red Castle if he harvested Qafsha with Al-Ahly The League and Africa Championships.

The current days are witnessing contacts between the administrations of the two clubs to resolve this crisis due to the Monterrey speech, which sparked controversy in the Pyramids because his officials had agreed with Al-Ahly to settle the matter completely several months ago.


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