Al-Ahly channel reveals the scenes of the basketball crisis in front of Zamalek


Haitham Al-Saeed, the media on the Al-Ahly club channel, and the former team’s basketball player revealed new scenes related to the recent crisis of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match.

Al-Ahly was scheduled to be a guest at Zamalek in Mit Uqba on Monday evening, but the meeting was canceled by the observer’s decision due to the presence of fans of the White Castle inside the hall.

And according to the Egyptian Basketball Federation, it was decided to consider Al-Ahly to win the match with a score of 20-0, to get full confrontation points, while Zamalek gets one point.

Haitham Al-Saeed said in statements on Al-Ahly channel, “The crisis of attending basketball matches is caused by the excesses of some Zamalek fans in the Smouha match, and therefore a decision was issued on March 21 to completely ban attendance except for a very limited number. Al-Ahly should not be involved in the matter, we demand compliance with the regulations.” “.

He continued, “The Al-Ahly basketball team was on the field naturally in preparation for the start of the match, and the Zamalek team did not exist. Ashraf Tawfiq asked why Zamalek was late, and the reason was that the private cameras of the channel that transported the match were not ready, if Al-Ahly was ready to play the match without any problems.” .

He stressed, “It is not, as it is being said, that Al-Ahly, since he was in the hall, created this problem, on the contrary, Al-Ahly was ready to play the match, and the warm-up operations were conducted and there are pictures of Al-Ahly and Zamalek players during the Maghrib prayer from inside the club’s hall, and things were normal.”

He added, “What happened was that a number of fans stormed the Zamalek club hall, and thus the match observer made the decision after an hour and a half late, why was Al-Ahly involved as a party?

“Al-Ahly basketball team continued, technically it was ready and there were no problems. We wanted to play the match, Zamalek had some circumstances that I do not want to talk about, and the match observer demanded that the hall be completely vacated. An hour and a half did not evacuate the hall, the hall inside the Zamalek club, how did you enter?” The masses that easy. ”

He stated, “Al-Ahly club respects the symbols of other clubs, and respects the stars of other clubs, and as officials in Zamalek acknowledge that Al-Khatib prevented entering any negotiations with any player in Zamalek because of the current situation, if relations are good.”

He stressed, “We demand the implementation of the regulations. The matter concerns the match observer. Al-Ahly is not a party to the crisis. If Zamalek has a problem due to the storming of its fans, then he should address the Basketball Association.”

He concluded, “Why was Zamalek not considered withdrawn and considered a loser and given a point? Al-Ahly wanted to play. We could have won by more than 20 points, for example, Al-Ahly is not a party to the crisis and its name should not be inserted in that way. We have records, but we cannot display them because of what is in them.” “.


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