Al-Ahly Channel: There is a distinction between the players in the national team .. Is it not our right to request an investigation?


Al-Ahly TV called on the Egyptian sports officials and the Football Association to open an investigation into the insistence of the technical staff of the national team, led by Hossam Al-Badri, to include Ayman Ashraf, the Red Genie player, to the ongoing camp of the Pharaohs despite his injury.

Ahmed Samir, presenter of the sixth program on Al-Ahly TV, said: “What is the reason at this time in the idea of ​​muscle and stubbornness? Although there is a double standard.”

He added: “Al-Ahly needs Ayman Ashraf in the important next stage, and the team has a semi-settled match, and if we play in the second row or without the professionals, we will win over Kenya.”

He continued: “A defect in the right of the national team, and Al-Badri is that the formation is dependent on Ayman Ashraf, because the team cannot stop any player, even if it is Mohamed Salah, the team is greater than the name of any player).

He continued: “The youth team had a position after Egypt was excluded from the African qualifiers due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in the mission, and the subject was referred for investigation, and coach Rabi` Yassin was dismissed … (Does it not have the right of Al-Ahly to request an investigation into an incident like this?)”.

He continued: “Who bears the cost of the participation of Ayman Ashraf with the national team, and there are medical reports from the club and the team confirming that the player is injured? Who bears the responsibility and pays the price of doubling the injury of Ayman Ashraf if it happens, God forbid?”

And he added: “There are players who verbally informed the coaching staff that they are tired, and their demands not to join the team have been met .. There is discrimination in treatment and abuse of one player from another, this is the responsibility of whom?”

And he continued: “The club confirmed the injury of Ayman Ashraf, and the technical staff of the team insisted on the player’s request, and the medical apparatus confirmed his injury, and the player was unable to complete the training in the national camp.”

He concluded: “A large part of our concern here is that we are the mouthpiece of Al-Ahly’s state, explain things completely to Al-Ahly fans and defend Al-Ahly’s interests .. There is a wrong position that was taken in specific timing and circumstances surrounding it with so many suspicions.”


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