Al-Ahly continues to prepare to confront Mars and announce the results of the anointing within hours


Al-Ahly continues its daily training at the touch stadium in preparation for the upcoming trip to Sudan, which will start tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, to play the Mars match scheduled for next Saturday in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

The technical staff announces today the results of the swab that the team made yesterday in preparation for the trip, and in this regard, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the club’s director of football, said that the Congolese, Walter Bwalia, the team’s striker, will join a mission. Ahly In Sudan, after the end of his participation in his country’s national team camp, which comes within the framework of the African Nations Cameroon 2021 qualifiers.

Abdel Hafeez added that Mali Aliu Diang, the team’s player who is also with his country, will join the team’s training in Cairo after the end of his participation in the Mali camp, provided that he accompanies the mission from Cairo to Sudan.

On the other hand, the travel of the two team, Walid Suleiman and Ayman Ashraf, was confirmed with Red genie to Sudan Tomorrow, Tuesday, to face Al-Merrikh next Saturday in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League, after confirming their readiness to participate in the matches.

Walid Suleiman recovered from a tear in the posterior muscle and participated in the training and friendliness of the red team against the youth team, and did not complain of any pain, to ensure his readiness to accompany the red mission on its trip to Sudan, and Ayman Ashraf also participated in the Al-Ahly collective training in the past two days to announce his readiness to participate In the next Mars match, especially after the player complained of a roughness in the knee after his team’s last match against Vita Club, which caused him to be excluded from the national team camp after the Kenya match.

Ayman Ashraf is scheduled to lead the left front for Al-Ahly in the Mars match, with injuries to Maaloul and Mahmoud Waheed, and they need some time before recovering from the injury.


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