Al-Ahly follows up on Hamdi Fathi’s injury with the national team in Kenya


Al-Ahly club’s medical apparatus opened a communication line with its counterpart in the Egyptian national team, in order to check on Hamdi Fathi, the red giant’s player, after he was injured in the Egypt-Kenya match.

Hamdi Fathy left National team match against its Kenyan counterpart Which was held this evening, Thursday, in Nairobi in the African Nations Qualifiers to be held in Cameroon early next year.

Hamdi Fathi sustained an arm injury to leave the stadium in the 70th minute of the match, which resulted in a 1-1 draw, a tie that was announced Egypt qualified Officially for the coming nations of Africa.

Al-Ahly officials made contact with their counterparts in National team As well as with Hamdi Fathy, in order to check on him after this injury.

The Egyptian national team will return to Cairo tomorrow morning, Friday, and will play its next match with the Comoros Islands next Monday at Cairo Stadium, at the end of the African Nations Qualifiers.

Al-Ahly is preparing for the match between Mars, scheduled for April 3, in Sudan, in the fifth round of the first group of the African Champions League group stage.

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