Al-Ahly Group .. One case excludes Simba from the CAF Champions League


The media, Ahmed Schubert, former vice president of the Football Association, confirmed that there is only one case that the Tanzanian Simba team, which is in the Al-Ahly group, is investigating the CAF Champions League.

And the Sudanese Mars team accused its counterpart, Simba, Tanzania, of manipulating the results of the new Corona virus, Covid 19, swabs.

Simba, the Tanzanian, was qualifying for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, two rounds before the end of the group stage in the competition.

He pointed out that the Sudanese team, Mars, had undergone corona swabs for all players and were deprived of the services of a number of them, in the Tanzanian Simba match, after which it was found that their samples were negative, and if they were found guilty, their bid farewell to competitions would be announced.


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