Al-Ahly: Our relationship with Zamalek is greater than the result of a match … and we addressed the Basketball Association to implement the regulations


Raouf Abdel Qader, Director of Sports Activity at Al-Ahly Club, said that the club’s board of directors, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, is keen on the distinguished relationship with Zamalek Club. Because its value is greater than the result of a match in any sporting game, and it should not take matters larger than its size, after the basket game was canceled yesterday; As a result of Zamalek fans storming the match stadium.

He added that the matter is all boiled down to the letter Al-Ahly Club received from the Egyptian Basketball Federation on March 21-2021, in which he affirmed that all matches will be held without a public presence, and in the event that this is violated, the match will be canceled.

And when stormed Zamalek fans The match hall Yesterday, the technical staff of Al-Ahly, after returning to him while he was in the match stadium, requested that the regulations be applied, and the hall would be evacuated from the fans to start the match.

Unfortunately, this did not happen, so the observer canceled the match after waiting more than an hour and a half. “Abdel Qader” emphasized that the request of the technical staff to implement the regulations was not a result of the interference of some of the Al-Ahly board of directors, who were present in the stadium; Because this did not happen, either from near or far, but rather has been a constant work system in the club for decades. The decision in such situations is for the technical staff in consultation with the higher management of sports activity.

He also said that the demand to implement the regulations was not motivated by the presence of any of the Zamalek players from other games in the match hall; Because these are matters that neither Al-Ahly nor its officials consider when making any decision. Rather, the support for that was the speech Al-Ahly club received from the Basketball Association, in which he emphasized the categorical rejection of any public attendance in all matches, and the observer’s authorization to cancel any match in case of violation. . And that is what happened yesterday.

And the Director of Al-Ahly Sports Activity announced that the club sent a letter this morning to the Basketball Association; To preserve the rights of Al Ahly, and apply the regulations to everyone. Regarding the result of the match, Raouf Abdel Qader said that such matters usually do not need an explanation. Because all similar incidents that took place in the past, the Basketball Association calculated the result of the match against the team whose fans had overtaken, and for the benefit of the opposing team. But what remains in the end is the need to respect the regulations and implement them to ensure fairness and preserve the rights of all clubs.


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