Al-Ahly players receive electricity after the suspension was lifted, in a special way … Video


Al-Ahly players were keen to receive Mahmoud Kahraba, the red team player, in particular, after returning to training with the group, after the end of the penalty imposed on the player by the technical staff.

The technical apparatus of Al-Ahly had inflicted a penalty on Mahmoud Kahraba The fine of 200 thousand pounds and suspension for a period of one month at the beginning of this March, and the player committed to implementing it throughout the last period.


AndAl-Ahly players organized A two-row passage, provided that an electrification passes in the middle of the two rows and the players greet it in their own way, which is the customary tradition among Al-Ahly players to welcome one of the players.

Al-Ahly’s technical director, Pitso Musimani, welcomed the idea of ​​Mahmoud Kahraba, the red team player, in group training after the end of the penalty imposed on him by the technical staff, estimated at 200 thousand pounds and a month stoppage during which he goes into individual training away from the collective training, which ends on the first of next April.

AndSelect Mosimane Several conditions for agreeing to the regularity of electrification in group training, the first of which is that the player adheres to the decisions of the technical apparatus after he has graduated training, and that he does not request to participate in matches or object in the event of non-participation in matches or exclusion from the list of his team.

Among the conditions that Identified by Mosimane It is not to fabricate new problems because the player’s export of any new problem will result in a request for his departure from Al-Ahly, during his time in the leadership of the Red Genie, and not for his collective training again.


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