Al-Ahly thanks Mohamed Morgan … and decides to remove the touch runway


The Board of Directors also directed in its meeting today, Monday noon, thanks and greetings to Brigadier Mohamed Morgan, Executive Director, for the period he spent sincerely at the head of the executive management of the club. Al-Watania », which Al-Ahly Club is proud and happy with its successful partnership with through the Economic Unity Project.
The decision of the council came in light of the categorical assertion by the club’s legal committee, headed by Counselor Mahmoud Fahmy, that combining the two positions in the club and the company at the same time contradicts interests, in addition to that it contravenes Al-Ahly’s principles and the club’s statute. In the same context, the Board decided to assign Ibrahim Al-Kafrawy, a member of the Board of Directors, to carry out the work of the Executive Director voluntarily and without charge, until a new CEO is chosen.


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