Al-Ahly: The basket crisis is not due to Shikabala … and here is Joudeh and Maryam’s punishment for “the return of discipline”


Raouf Abdel Qader, Director of Sports Activity at Al-Ahly Club, revealed the details of the crisis of his club’s match with Zamalek in basketball, beside the scenes of the punishment of table tennis duo Hana Joudeh and Maryam Al-Hadhibi, and said in a phone call to the program of the sweet game with Khaled Al-Ghandour on Radio On Sport FM: “I swear to God, objection.” Al-Ahly in the Zamalek match was not because of Shikabala and the captain of the football team in the white club. The hall had fans for Zamalek far from the old and current football stars.

The Basketball Association decided to count Al-Ahly’s victory over Zamalek, the match that was canceled yesterday due to the presence of the masses, and it was decided to fine Zamalek 30 thousand pounds and move a match away from its home.

Raouf Abdel Qader added: “I was in contact with the Al-Ahly apparatus in the Zamalek hall and officially informed the presence of fans of the white team, so I demanded that the apparatus adhere to our right and implement the regulations and kill them as long as it is legal that we stick to it. He insisted on his position. ”

Al-Ahly sports activity director added: “I swear to God Shikabala and the captain of the ball are not intended. Our relationship is wonderful with the basketball family in Zamalek, and the sport is not fanatical. The custom was in the presence of fans by agreement between the two clubs. Mass attendance was banned. ”

Raouf continued, “People say in the presence of the masses in the Al-Ahly and Al-Jazira match, and they say first of the Al-Jazira match, and it was held in Hall 3 of Cairo Stadium, and they are responsible for organizing, not us, and before that the center-determination match and after its end, the two teams, estimated at 50 individuals, went up to the stands to watch the Al-Ahly and Al-Jazeera match. Everyone thought they were fans, which is wrong … and our relationship with Zamalek is historical, and neither the outcome of a match nor the decision of the association will affect it.

Regarding the suspension of table tennis pairs here, Joudeh and Maryam, Raouf Abdel Qader commented: “We decided to stop them not because they demanded their rights, but in the way followed. In Al-Ahly we have methods and systems in front of them to knock on the door of the technical apparatus or sports activity or the board of directors without resorting to social media, they have the right to express Their personal lives are in the social media as each of them wants, but talking about the club is forbidden, in the mechanisms and legal channels to lift the injustice against them, not including social networking sites.

He continued: “The parents of here and Maryam are responsible for what happened, and we will contain the crisis with the implementation of the punishment for the return of discipline.”


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