Al-Badri: The details of the national team’s participation in the Arab Cup have not been decided


Hossam El-Badry, the coach of the Egyptian national team, revealed that the details of the participation of the Pharaohs in the Arab Cup competitions have not been finalized.

“There was a session with the officials of the tripartite committee, and I was informed that there was a preliminary approval regarding Egypt’s participation in the Arab Cup,” Hossam Al-Badri said in statements on “On Sport” radio.

Earlier, the FIFA Council announced its approval of the regulations for the Arab Cup 2021, and confirmed the draw procedures and the match schedule for the tournament that will be held in Qatar from 1 to 18 December this year.

He continued, “We do not know the details and scenes yet, and will it have a special international agenda, or will it only play with players from within the league without the professionals? These matters have not been decided yet.”

“What happened with the captaincy in the Comoros match is good and it is a wonderful act of intent,” he added.

“Al-Nani and Salah started in the same match, and therefore what Al-Nini did reflects the good relationship between the duo and that there was no crisis at the present time,” he said.

“No player has recently asked to talk about the captaincy, or even to order directly,” he stressed.

“In the appropriate time, the file may be opened optimally and the matter can be discussed. There is seniority and there is also a desire that can relate to the players. The choice may be among them, and they may want a player as their symbol,” he stressed.

He concluded, “But at the present time there was no space to talk about this file, but it is likely that it will be opened in the future, but in the end there are no crises regarding the emblem.”

The last match between Egypt and Comoros, which the Pharaohs won 4-0 in the last round of the qualifiers for African nations, saw Mohamed El-Niny leave the badge to Mohamed Salah during the exit of Amr Al-Soleya from the pitch.


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