Al-Badri: We need new faces, and we achieved the goal, and only Hijazi traveled


Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the Egyptian national team, stated that the team needs new faces in the coming period, stressing his happiness in achieving the goal of the African Nations Qualifiers, and also clarifying that Ahmed Hegazy is only the one who left the team camp.

Hossam Al-Badri said in his statements to “On Time Sports” satellite channel: “The last period witnessed pressure from matches for players, whether local or professional, but in the end the goal was achieved, and of course there are things that need to be developed and we need to support them with other new elements.”

He continued: “There will be a new presence in front of the Comoros Islands, which will get the opportunity, but we will definitely deal with the match seriously .. This stage is to achieve the goals before anything else.”

And he talked about the physical condition of the players: “Al-Ahly, Zamalek and Pyramids have the largest numbers of national team players and there is match pressure for them, and of course we want to look into the future and deal with all circumstances and this is what will happen with time.”

He added, “In the coming period, we will play World Cup qualifiers, and we must work to achieve this goal as well.”

As for the reason for the absence of Mohamed Al-Nani from participating mainly in the match, he said: “Every matter has accounts and criteria, and the Nani participated with me in one training, and the next match is very large. The Nene can exist, but I cannot talk about all matters.”

He explained the position of the professional players, saying: “I just finished the game in Kenya, and Hijazi has already left for Saudi Arabia, or the rest of the professionals are with us in the next match naturally.”

He concluded, “I did not want to talk about oxygen, but this is of course an element of dealing with the match. I was hoping to win, but thank God the goal was achieved.”


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