Al-Ghandour: Abu Jabal will return to form Zamalek … and a French presentation by Razak Cisse


Media Khaled Al-Ghandour confirmed that the French coach Carteron, Zamalek’s coach, has settled on the return of Mohamed Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of the white team, to the main formation at the expense of Mahmoud Jensh. For the basic formation of Zamalek at the expense of Jensh, he is convinced of Abu Jabal and as such, he will return to the formation“.

Khaled Al-Ghandour added, “Osama Nabih is in charge of evaluating the players of Zamalek, and in the event of the African exit, the entire team will be screened, because Zamalek is the goal of the African Champions League and is paying millions for this goal.”“.

And Banduq added, “Ferjani Sassi requested large sums of money for renewal and I think he will not renew these sums. Zamalek will refuse to pay exorbitant sums to any player to maintain the stability of the team.”

Khaled Al-Ghandour indicated that “Ashraf bin Sharqi either renewed Zamalek or agreed to sell it to benefit financially, while Razak Cisse has a French offer and will be studied in the next period.”“.

And Banduq added, “We wish Ihab Jalal good luck with Ismaeli, even though he does not succeed with the popular teams, as evidenced by his experience with Zamalek and Al-Masry.”“.

On the authority of Al-Ahly, Khaled Al-Ghandour said, “Musimani pardoned Kahraba and settled for Ahmed Yasser Rayan’s return after the end of his loan to Ceramica.“.


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