Al-Khatib reveals the secret behind his visit to Smouha … and another club awaits him


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of Al-Ahly Board of Directors, expressed his happiness at the visit he made today to Smouha Club, at the invitation of Farag Amer, stressing his welcome to cooperate with all Egyptian clubs to consult and exchange views on many matters related to the development of Egyptian sports.

Al-Khatib said in official statements: “We are all one fabric, and our goal as sports organizations is fruitful cooperation in order to raise the flag of Egypt in various fields, and I have a strong relationship with Faraj Amer as friends, before we were the presidents of Al-Ahly and Smouha.”

He added: “The visit comes to discuss ways of cooperation between the two clubs in the coming period, especially since Smouha is witnessing a major renaissance in all sports, investment and social levels.”.

Al-Ahly president continued: “The response to Faraj Amer’s invitation to visit Smouha Club comes from his keenness on the need to communicate with all sports clubs and cooperate in order to serve the country.”

Al-Khatib revealed his visit to Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria tomorrow at the invitation of Mohamed Moselhy, President of Al-Ittihad Club, stressing his keenness to visit the Olympic and Sporting Clubs at a later time.

Al-Khatib will meet with the President of the Alexandria Federation to discuss many issues related to the development of Egyptian sports, as this visit comes in light of the distinguished relations between the two clubs, and an affirmation of the close relations between Al-Ahly and the Egyptian clubs.


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