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Stray dogs are spread all over the world so much that you definitely face a stray face or two daily, except that 99% of the time stray dogs will avoid entering into a confrontation with humans, but from time to time the dog may act in a confrontation, which may lead to a terrible experience if You are not used to the behavior of dogs.

In this report, “Al-Masry Light” reviews 5 ways to deal with stray dogs if they are directly confronted with them on a street, according to thewayofslowtravel website.

5. Stay calm and walk away. do not run

This is the simplest and most important thing to remember. If a stray dog ​​barks at you from a distance, he will likely warn you not to stay off his territory, but as long as you remain calm and away from the dog, you will have no problem.

Whatever stray dogs do, do not run, because they will likely chase you instinctively, and there is no way to outrun them in a short race. So the only trick to do is to stop and walk, then start running when you are away. Try to outrun the urgency.

4. Avoid confrontation

Dogs’ confidence doubles when they have companions around, and they know very well how to coordinate together to threaten you. So if you feel threatened even if no one barks, do not turn towards her and look away and find another path, even if it is long.

An interesting note about dog behavior is that a dog that wags its tail isn’t necessarily friendly. Dogs wag their tails when excited, and a dog that is about to bite you will definitely feel excited in the next encounter. As a matter of fact, many barking dogs wag their tails even though they are clearly not friendly.

3. Send calming signals

There are simple ways you can signal to a dog that you have peaceful intent. By doing this, you are telling the dog that you are not intending to hurt him, and among those signs include yawning, licking your lips, avoiding looking directly into the eye, standing aside to the dog; And let them come close and smell you.

2. Ask for help from the locals

The locals offer a great help when dealing with stray dogs. As a matter of fact, you are unlikely to face any real problem as long as the locals are close to you. The dogs would know them, and the people would know how to deal with local stray animals.

If there are no locals around and you don’t know what to do to avoid getting infected, just shout for help.

1. Pretend to pick up rocks

Use this as a last resort if the above fails, because pretending to pick up a small boulder will cause dogs to run away from you, because for some reason, this is a gesture that dogs around the world have learned to be a source of impending pain.

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