Al-Masry Lite / Swiss Army waives the “underwear” decision to increase the number of women .. What is the story?


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Why does the Swiss army force women to wear men’s underwear? This question may raise the curiosity of many, especially since this decision was issued by armed forces in Switzerland several years ago. Indeed, it forces men and women alike to wear loose-fitting underwear intended for men, but this decision was abandoned by the Swiss forces in order to increase the number of women to join the Swiss army.

There have been many decisions about women in the Swiss armed forces, after women have been carrying out the same tasks that men do in the Swiss army, including fighting, since a year since 2004.

According to the British Guardian newspaper, the armed forces in Switzerland may be planning to increase the number of female soldiers in their ranks. Therefore, I issued this decision, which is scheduled to be officially enforced starting next April 2021.

The Swiss military said that women enrolled in its ranks would be provided with two sets of women’s underwear, one for the warm months and one for the colder months. This decision comes in order to increase the percentage of female soldiers from 1- 10 percent during the next decade.

The Swiss Army added that the old generation of clothing used in the military was not sufficiently catering to the people’s special needs. Noting that other pieces of clothing, including combat clothing, backpacks and even protective jackets, will be subject to review.

A female soldier in the Swiss army said: “Underwear makes a difference, especially when the female soldier has to crawl on the ground or carry equipment weighing 27 kilograms.”

The Swiss Army is not the first to discriminate against women in its ranks. The US Army is also considered one of the forces that follow this same approach. It used to give underwear to men only, forcing women to buy underwear with their own money.

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