Al-Masry star after undergoing the cruciate ligament operation: I will be back stronger than before


Player Islam Abu Salima, the star of the Egyptian Port Said club, announced that he had performed the cruciate ligament operation, on Tuesday, thanking the board of directors and the fans of the Egyptian club, as well as his family, which supported him during the last period.

Islam Abu Salima
Islam Abu Salima

Abu Salima said, through his Instagram account: “Praise be to God, a lot of praise, good and blessed in him, just as the majesty of his face and the greatness of his authority should be. The Egyptian club fans, thanks to my family, to always stand with me. As long as you support me, I will be stronger than before.

Abu Salima explained that the first operation that he performed earlier was a cut in the knee saphenous tendon, not the cruciate ligament.


On the other hand, Maher, the technical director of the Egyptian Port Said, agreed that Karim al-Iraqi, the right-back of the team, would join the group exercises, as part of his preparations for the important confrontation before the army vanguard, in the seventeenth round of the league scheduled to be held on the third of next April..

And Maher had excluded Karim Al-Iraqi during the past four matches due to the player’s preoccupation with extending his contract with the team and entering within about the financial return that he would get with the management, which made the technical director preferring to exclude him until his matter was finally settled and relied on Alaa Atta, who the club had contracted with in Beginning of the season.

Ali Maher held a private session with Karim Al-Iraqi, in which he congratulated him on extending his contract with the club and demanded that he be diligent in training in order to return to the basic line-up in light of his reliance on another player during the last period, which is what the player understood well, confirming that he will do his best during the suspension Current order to return to the starting lineup.


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