Al-Merreikh coach: facing Al-Ahly in the footsteps of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in Europe


Speak English Lee Clark The coach of the Sudanese team Al-Merrikh said about the difficulty of facing Al-Ahly in the group stage of the African Champions League in the match that will bring the two teams together next Saturday afternoon at the “Omdurman” stadium in the fifth round competitions for the first group, which he described as an unbearable confrontation with a difficult opponent equivalent to European powers are in the game.

Clark added to me in an interview with the British newspaper “Daily Mail”: “A match Ahly Real Madrid or Bayern Munich drew in European terms. “

Clark explained to me: “Al-Ahly is the team with the most power in Africa, as they have won the championship 9 times before, but if I can choose a squad for my team, we can cause some shock to the red genie.”

Midfielder continues Newcastle Former Sunderland and Fulham: “I always said that I wanted to try work abroad. I did not set any conditions for taking on the mission of Sudan’s Mars.”

The former Newcastle Football Manager stressed: “We were subjected to harsh conditions in the Tanzanian match Simba when we discovered after 5 hours in a hospital and a single laboratory to detect Corona that there were 8 players infected with the virus, including 6 essential, and after we played the match for only two days, these players returned to Sudan again after making sure.” Of negative sample which is unbelievable. “

Al-Ahly ranks second in Group A with 7 points from four matches, which were collected from two matches against Al-Merrikh, Sudan, in Cairo, Vita Club in Congo, and a draw with Vita in Cairo, and suffered a lone loss from Simba in Tanzania.

Lee Clark

Lee Clark

Mars coach
Mars coach


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