Al-Nana’s business agent on the crowd’s photos with Mohamed Salah: “Misfortune” … and I blamed Barakat


Alaa Nazmi, Muhammad Al-Nani’s agent, expressed his deep sadness over the rumors that affected Muhammad Al-Nani, the player of the Pharaohs and Arsenal of England, that he objected to participating in the Kenya match for not participating from the start. Because they did not imagine that he would accept the decision not to participate in the match, and some did not have this culture and were waiting for him to object, and Mohamed Al-Nani is a professional player, even if he was not happy not to participate, the most important thing for him is the Egyptian national team.

He added: I reproach Muhammad Barakat National Director That the time when the rumor appeared, which was a long time, he should have come out to clarify because the player lasted 3 days under pressure because of this talk.

Wasel: The news that came out in Egypt was mostly translated abroad, and the media people should pay attention to this matter because the player in the national team joins him like a soldier and must be supported, because when the international press gives up this matter, it will cause a problem.

Regarding the fate of Al-Nani in the new season, Nazmi said: Muhammad Al-Nani remains in his contract with Arsenal and there are offers from other leagues, and within the next two months we will determine our final position and Arsenal is considered his home, and there is no basis for the news about the possibility of his transfer to Galatasaray.

He added: Mohamed Al-Nani really loves Al-Ahly, but he has not received any local offers and will continue his professional career, and Mohamed Salah was not surprised that Al-Nani gave up the leadership badge to him because he knows that this behavior is normal from Al-Nani.

He concluded: The shot of the fans coming to the pitch and greeting the professionals is considered a “misfortune” because it is assumed that the professional player is staying in Egypt and only deals with the national team, and the matter may amount to preventing the player from returning to the national team again by his club.


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