Al-Sager reveals Al-Ahly’s negotiations with the Pyramids star and criticizes Al-Ahmar’s inclusion in the team –


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Ahmed Hassan, a former player for Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and the former captain of the national football team, revealed his opinion of the performance of the first football team of the Red Castle with South Africas Pitso Musimane, the current coach, and the level of the team during the reign of the former Swiss coach Rene Fyler.

Hassan added in his radio statements to “Nogoum FM” that the team’s performance with Fyler was more stable than with Musimane in the team’s ranks, stressing that what Musimani is presenting is tinged with anxiety, unlike the period of stability that the team was enjoying during the reign of Fyler.

And the former Al-Ahly player demonstrated his words by frequently changing the current technical manager of the offensive hex in the team, pointing out that Musimani has achieved the requirement of him so far, but he is waiting for Al-Ahly to have a personality, identity and way of playing, by reaching the optimal formation of the team and filling the many gaps in the hexagon Front of the team.

The coach of the Red Castle stressed that Al-Ahly has a big problem in the right-back position, in the absence of a substitute for Hani, at a time when Al-Ahly management is working to include Ahmed Tawfik, the player of Pyramids club.

He explained that if the fifth goalkeeper of the Olympic team was not Schubert’s son, the matter would have passed without a problem, but he believes that what happened in the inclusion of Mustafa Schubert in the national team ranks as a compliment to the media and the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper.

Hassan pointed out that Mustafa Schubert is one of the hardworking players, and that his choice to join the Egyptian Olympic team is a great injustice, stressing that there should not be courtesies in football.

Hassan added: “I refused 2.5 million euros from the Qatari dam after returning from Turkey, in order to join the Al-Ahly club, because of my great love for him since childhood, and my desire to achieve championships and make history inside my country, so it was the best choice for me, as I did not look at the financial return. The great match for my love for my family. ”

Hassan revealed that some players in Zamalek had turned against him – without mentioning their names – with the aim of attacking him by the white fans after joining Zamalek, after his departure to the white team.

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