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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Ahmed Massad:

Dr. Naeem Meselhi, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture, said that the New Delta project extends over an area of ​​nearly one million feddans, and there could be an opportunity for expansion in it in the future.

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi reviewed the national project “New Delta” with an area of ​​one million acres, and reviewed all the details related to the studies conducted by the research teams in the specialized bodies, from the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Service Projects Organization and academic bodies, on the land areas of the northwest coast at the axis El-Dabaa, which proved the readiness of these lands for agricultural reclamation, within the framework of the giant national project “The New Delta” with an area of ​​one million agricultural feddans, which includes within its scope the “Future of Egypt” project for agricultural production.

In exclusive statements to Masrawy, Meslehi added that studies were prepared on 688 thousand feddans, which showed that the total arable area amounted to 615 thousand feddans, or 90% of the total land, indicating that the lands in the area are promising, provided that the goal of the project is Cultivation of strategic crops such as beans, wheat and barley, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

He explained that choosing the Dabaa axis as the project area is due to the ease of access to it from the areas of the West Delta, Cairo and Giza, pointing out that the New Delta project will include the “Future of Egypt” area.

“The role of the Ministry of Agriculture is to explore lands that are suitable for agriculture or not, and exclude rocky and sandy lands, by determining the chemical characteristics of the soil according to water conditions and climate,” Moselhy added.

The advisor to the Minister of Agriculture indicated that the region is one of the promising projects, as there are hubs and roads and their proximity to the ports, adding: “The first agricultural production will be within two years from now.”

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