Al-Talaa ‘defender: I can compete with Al-Ahly players … Mahmoud Alaa is better


12:29 AM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Books – Ahmed Sharif:

Ahmed Alaa, a defender of Al-Ahly club, on loan to the ranks of Tale’aa Al-Jaish, confirmed his ability to compete with the defensive line players in the Red Castle and to participate mainly after the end of his current loan period.

Alaa indicated in statements on the Sada Al-Balad channel that his brother Mahmoud, the defender of Zamalek, is the best in the Egyptian league currently, and after that, Badr Bannon, the Al-Ahly defender.

Ahmed Alaa said: “If I am unable to compete with the current Al-Ahly defenders, I will leave the team. I went out on loan in order to come back better. I have ambitions and I want to achieve it.”

He continued: “I am a player in Al-Ahly Club already. I went out on loan at Al-Tale’aa for more experience. I definitely want to return and participate on a regular basis.”

He added: “When I moved to Al-Ahly, the team was suffering from difficult circumstances, such as leaving the Arab championship and losing the African title, and entering a new member of the team was very difficult, so I preferred to loan.”

He continued: “Carteron spoke to me in the Al-Ahly camp in Croatia and told me that he would depend on me, but I was surprised after that that I do not participate, usually I do not ask why I did not participate, but I wanted my right because I train well.”

He added: “Pyramids had previously negotiated with me in conjunction with Al-Ahly’s presentation of an offer for me, so I preferred to move to the Red Castle, especially since my entire family is Ahlawi.”

He concluded: “Mahmoud Alaa is the best defender in the Egyptian League, and after him Badr Bannon, who I see as a very wonderful player and has a special style that made him merge with Al-Ahly quickly.”


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