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Adel Nafeh, the nephew of the late artist Ali Hamida, revealed his last question while on his sickbed before his departure from our world on February 11 at the age of 65.

And through his Facebook account, Adel Nafeh posted a picture of him accompanied by Ali Hamida while he was on his sickbed, indicating that the last question of the late was about the month of Ramadan and how many days left for his coming, saying, “The last question he asked .. So how many days left for Ramadan? .. I told him. : 60 days. ”He continued,“ Behold, Ramadan has come and our dear people have missed … God has reached Ramadan and God’s mercy.

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Artist Ali Hamida died on February 11, at the age of 65, from lung cancer.
The first pictures from Ali Hamidas funeral

Adel Nafeh, son of Ali Hamida’s sister, revealed, on the artist’s official page on Facebook, his last words before the paradox of life and wrote: “Praise be to God for the good end on Friday night .. after he performed the afternoon prayer, and after the end of the prayer and praises he finished his words with the praise of God after he The pronouncement of the two testimonies moved to the mercy of God Almighty.

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