All you need to know about the causes and methods of preventing ear infections


Otitis is caused by a bacterial or viral infection in the middle ear, and ear infections can be painful due to inflammation and fluid accumulation in the middle ear, and chronic ear infections may cause permanent damage to the middle and inner ear. OnlymyhealthAbout the cause of fungal infection in the ears, types of ear infections, and methods of prevention to prevent ear infections.

What causes a fungal infection in the ears?

Fungal infections are very common because they are caused by earwax. The wax inside the ears protects the ear in the form of a thin lining from the formation of fungi, but people often think it is waste and seek to remove that lining, allowing the infection and fungi to grow inside the ear.

Candles with permission
Candles with permission

Types of ear infections

Middle ear infection

This type of ear infection is caused by respiratory problems or a cold, and the infection is primarily transmitted to the ears through a tube called the Eustachian tube.

Inflammation of the outer ear

It is easy to locate the injury in the outer ear, as it can be seen with the naked eye.


Swimmer’s ear

There is a very common infection that occurs due to water retention in the inner canal of the ears.

Swimmer's ear
Swimmer’s ear

Prevention methods to prevent ear infection:

1- Keep your ears clean, dry them after swimming, and use a cotton ball carefully.

2- Do not smoke. Avoid secondhand smoke as much as possible.

3- Save allergy medication to trigger common situations.

4- Wash your hands well after touching people with cold or respiratory diseases.

5- Keep ear drops that can be used for mild infections and during itching.


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