Allegri talks about … Real Madrid’s refusal … and a return to Juventus


Italian coach Massimiliano Allegri, former coach of the Italian club Juventus, appeared to talk about many issues after his departure from the old lady’s team two years ago.

“I haven’t spoken for two years, so there is a lot to say,” Allegri said in an interview with Sky Italia. “Just pretend not to be a lot of nonsense.”

The Italian coach added about the reasons for his departure from Juventus: “We have reached a normal conclusion. There were differences of opinion. The president made the decision and I am still on good terms with Andrea Agnelli. It was a wonderful relationship for five years that great players went through and we all enjoyed it. .

About his future and the possibility of returning to Juventus again: “I do not know, it is difficult to say now, I still do not know anything about my future, I watch some matches from and put myself in the shoes of the coach, I think you need balance in football.”

And about Andrea Pirlos performance in Juventus training: “He does a good job. It is always very difficult to be a coach. It’s not a job that can be learned easily. You train all week on one thing and then you have to do something else, you have to learn to manage the unexpected.”

The Italian coach revealed that he refused an offer to train Real Madrid: “When Real Madrid contacted me three years ago, I replied that I wanted to stay in Juventus, this is the only offer that I refused.”

Allegri talked about Cristiano Ronaldo: “Ronaldos strength lies in the mentality that he possesses.

Allegri concluded about the best between Messi and Ronaldo: “They are two very different players. I would say that one of them is greater and the other is better.”

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