Amazon’s attack on its detractors sparks an outrage over Jeff Bezos


A number of Amazon officials launch a stubborn attack against Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren through the Twitter platform, for their criticism of the work practices within the company, and the dispute reached a new level a week ago, which sparked a great debate about whether there is a mandate from the company’s senior officials in this regard with the frequent news About the anger of its founder, Jeff Bezos, according to the verege.

While Recode reported that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has expressed in recent weeks his dissatisfaction with the silence of company officials and their failure to respond to criticism from the two lawmakers, which he and other leaders consider inaccurate or misleading, which led to a series of tweets. MM company leaders on this matter.

The current crisis comes as the company faces the largest union election in its history in Bessemer, an Alabama warehouse, as election results will be written down early this week, and Amazon officials understand that if the majority of employed voters vote to join the unions, that could lead to a response. Sequential act at other facilities.

There were concerns within Amazon in early 2014 at the Delaware warehouse, the last time union elections were held at an Amazon facility in the US – and that was just a small subset of the warehouse workforce that most voted against the unions, and it consisted of just 27 technicians and mechanics.

In Alabama, though, the stakes are much higher with around 6,000 workers eligible to vote, which Bezos knows all too well.

Dave Clark, chief executive of consumer business around the world at Amazon, had written several tweets earlier in some agencies, criticizing Sanders for pushing for a $ 15 minimum wage and supporting Amazon workers in Alabama who are considering joining unions.

Sanders met with Amazon workers in Alabama, and Amazon News tweeted that Sanders State, which has a minimum wage in Vermont, is $ 11.75.

“Sanders prefers to speak in Alqabama rather than in Vermont,” the company wrote on Twitter.

At his meeting, Sanders urged the Amazon workers to vote for the union: “When you stand up and fight, you are not only one of the most powerful companies in this country in which you are facing the richest people in the world, and you are doing it in an anti-union country.”

The company also chased Warren, who pledged on Twitter that she would “fight against stopping the union project, as well as work to dismantle the major tech company so that it is not strong enough to harass senators with frightening tweets.” Others, in 2019 when she was running for president.

Amazon described her tweet as “extraordinary and revealing.”

“One of the most powerful politicians in the United States said it would break up an American company so that they could not criticize it anymore,” Amazon wrote on Twitter.

The security engineer said the tweets were published using the Twitter web app instead of Sprinklr, the social media management software that an Amazon News account typically uses to post tweets.

The tweets, according to the security engineer, are “unnecessarily hostile (risking the Amazon brand) and may be the result of unauthorized access.”


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