American magazine: Cameras inside Tesla cars raise privacy concerns


Consumer Reports said that Teslas use of in-car cameras to record and transmit video footage to passengers to develop autonomous driving technology raises privacy concerns. Consumer Reports said the use could potentially undermine the safety benefits of driver monitoring, which is alerting drivers when they do not notice the road .

“If Tesla has the ability to determine whether a driver is not paying attention or not, he needs to warn the driver right now, as other automakers are already doing,” said Jake Fischer, senior director of the Automotive Test Center at Consumer Reports.

The magazine said that automakers such as Ford Motor and General Motors, which do not record their monitoring systems or transmit data or video, use infrared technology to identify drivers’ eye movements or head position to warn them if they show signs of weakness or distraction.

The internal cameras of the American company Palo Alto are also a point of contention in China, where the military has prevented Tesla cars from entering their compounds, due to security concerns, and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said last week that his company would be closed if its cars were used for spying.


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