Amidst wonderful scenes .. selling a “virtual home” on Mars


Design and architecture magazine Dezeen reported that the house, named “Mars homeDesigned by a Canadian artist Christa Kim With the help of an architect and software for video games.

The new owner of the 3D virtual home will be able to explore the open-plan palace rooms using virtual reality (digital world) or augmented reality technology in the future (where digital elements are added to a scene from the real world).

Kim described her creativity as a “light sculpture”, explaining that each room has transparent walls, saying: “Who needs privacy on an uninhabited planet?”

In the courtyard of the palace there are many transparent chairs designated for “sunning”, to capture the toxic infrared rays, most likely while wearing some type of respirator.

The buyer now owns a blockchain-protected digital property certificate, which the New Yorker writer, Nathan Hills, described in 2017 as “like the digital version of a scarf knitted by your grandmother, as it uses a single ball of yarn, and the result is continuous, and each stitch depends on the one that precedes it.” Directly. It is impossible to remove a portion of the tissue without leaving some trace. “

The sale comes after only the artist has purchased a digital work Mike Winkleman, Better known as Beeple, for $ 79.4 million, “making him among the 3 most important artists alive,” according to auction house Christie’s.

This week, the first tweet from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, launched nearly 15 years ago, was sold for $ 2.9 million. The tweet said: “just” setting up my Twitter.

And earlier this month, Dar launched.Gucci“Italian fashion, digital shoes at $ 17.99, at about $ 480 less than luxury brand shoes usually.” The shoe can be worn using virtual reality and augmented reality.

Kim told Dezeen that she believes the NFT market, a kind of unique digital asset that has become so popular, “supports positive change through the crypto revolution. This revolution will create real political action to support green energy and sustainability.”

Currently, NFTs are known to be unsustainable, as producing NFTs is very energy intensive.


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