Amir Ramses supports Hind Sabry: I found nothing less than the wave of attacks on her news


Director Amir Ramses expressed his annoyance at the criticism of the choice of artist Hind Sabry among the participants in the procession of transporting royal mummies, on April 3, which starts from the Egyptian Museum to the National Museum of Civilization.

Amir Ramses wrote through his Facebook account: “The truth is I have not seen the most ridiculous attack wave against Hind Sabri’s participation in the mummies procession.”

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He added, “Xenophobia (xenophobia) is in its simplest form … We are talking about an artist who has presented works of the most important works of cinema in Egypt … loved by all Egyptians.”

Amir Ramses explained: “Director Sherif did not find Arafa better than her to embody the character of Hatshepsut in his film … This is first.
Secondly, the truth is the existence of India is a great step, and I see it not enough, and I wish there would be many Arabs and internationals in it, because it is a heritage of humanity like that of Egypt. “

It is noteworthy that the artist Mustafa Darwish sparked controversy after his criticism of the selection of Hind Sabry among the artists participating in the procession of the transfer of royal mummies, expressing his appreciation for her as an artist, but he was surprised that she was Tunisian, and not using Egyptian artists, which are criticisms that he retracted hours later, stressing his appreciation for her.

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