Among them is Helmy Tulan’s son .. The prosecution is appealing to the release of 4 accused


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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Public Prosecution announced its appeal against the criminal court’s decision to release 4 defendants in the case of the assault on a girl in the Fairmont Hotel.

Ashraf Abdelaziz, lawyer for Ahmed Helmy Tolan, accused in the “Vermont Girl” case, said that a decision was issued to release him on a 100,000-pound bail, today, Tuesday.

Abdel Aziz added, in statements to Masrawy, that the decision was issued by the Cairo Criminal Department, convened in the counseling room of the Fifth Settlement Court.

Last January, the Public Prosecution ordered the release of the accused, Seif El Din Ahmed and Nazli Mustafa, who are being held pending investigations into the incident of the assault on a girl in the Fairmont Hotel, and the related facts.

Since last August 5, the Public Prosecution Office has been investigating the incident of some people sexually assaulting a girl inside the “Fairmont Nile City” hotel in Cairo, after receiving, on August 4, a letter from the National Council for Women attached to it a complaint submitted by the victim and some information from some witnesses about the incident. .

The case began in late July, with the hashtag “Vermont Crime” on the social networking site Twitter, where hundreds of tweeters shared a story that the Assault Police account carried on Instagram to a girl who said she was raped in 2014 inside a Vermont hotel after she was drugged with GHB, which leads to her loss Awareness, and that they photographed themselves during the assault on her, in addition to engraving letters of their names on her body and threatening her if she decided to report them.

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