An American study: People who received the influenza vaccine were less likely to have coronavirus


A new study found, according to a newspaper report. dailymail“That indicates that Americans who received influenza vaccines last year were less likely to contract the Coronavirus. Researchers found that people who were vaccinated against influenza were 25% less likely to contract the virus, and moreover, those who subsequently contracted the Coronavirus had fewer complications.” If done Vaccinate them against influenza.

Influenza and Corona vaccination
Influenza and Corona vaccination

The team from Michigan Medicine say the results provide evidence that it is important to get a flu shot if they haven’t already.

Americans and get the flu vaccine
Americans and get the flu vaccine

Senior researcher Dr. Marion Hoffman-Bowman, assistant professor of internal medicine at Michigan Medicine, said getting a flu vaccine is linked to staying out of hospital if infected with the Coronavirus.

For the study, which was published in the American Journal of Infection Control, the team looked at the medical charts of more than 27,000 patients who had tested positive for the virus between March 2020 and mid-July 2020.

The researchers looked at the status of the influenza vaccine and controlled for other factors such as age, race, gender, and pre-existing conditions. Of the nearly 13,000 patients who had received the flu vaccine in the previous year, 4% were found positive for COVID-19.

By comparison, 5% of 14,000 patients who did not get the flu vaccine got the Coronavirus – a difference of 25%.

Next, the researchers looked at the difference in clinical outcomes between Corona patients who had the flu vaccine and those who did not suffer from it, the patients who were vaccinated against the flu were 40% less likely to be hospitalized and half of them were prone to needing mechanical ventilation.

The length of hospital stay for patients who received the flu vaccine in the hospital was also reduced for an average of 12 days compared to an average of 16 days for patients who did not get the influenza vaccine, however, there was no difference in death rates between My group of patients.


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