An application that reminds you of the rest periods during work stress … Get to know it


He created a new application that reminds its user to take a break during work pressure, called Pause for Mac, by developer Harshil Shah, by reminding him to stay away from his office regularly at different intervals throughout the working hours, especially those that are experiencing great pressures, according to theNextWeb.

And it is used once installed on the phone, where the user will be asked to specify times for how many times he wants to take breaks and how long he should continue.

By default, the application follows the famous 20-20-20 rule suggested by a doctor for people who spend long time in front of electronic screens, which states that every 20 minutes, you look at something 20 feet away from you for 20 seconds, so as not to cause eye strain. And then he loses the ability to focus.

Therefore, the application works to remind the user to stop working for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. But he can easily tweak this, and add personalized reminders like having a drink of water or getting up and stretching, etc.

The user can also turn on focus mode or pause and restart the application at the time he wants if he is participating in a meeting and does not want to receive notifications.

This comes despite the availability of many applications to help users remember to take breaks, but they are mostly designed to deal with many reminders.

The report noted that Pause is a free app and anyone who runs macOS Big Sur or later can use it.


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