An Egyptologist analyzes the promo of “the king”: a mistake in Taj Sherif Salameh and the black cloak and beard are unrealistic news


The promo of the series “The King … A Good Struggle” starring Amr Youssef, which will be shown next Ramadan, has sparked a wide wave of controversy since its showing, especially with regard to buildings, decorations, clothes and their conformity with the historical era in which the series is taking place. contacted Egyptologist Dr. Bassam Al-Shamma ‘to give the historical opinion on the promo and the extent of matching what was shown in the series with reality.

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In the beginning, Balsmaa said that the shape of the buildings that reflect the Egyptian civilization in the Promo is OK, and that there is similarity in the old books and texts, but! Al-Shamaa criticized the beard appearance of Amr Youssef, Sherif Salama and Majid Al-Masry, referring to the ancient Egyptians who used to grow their beards, but in a different way than what appeared in the series’ promo, in addition to the presence of borrowed beards and this is indicated in the ancient texts.

The Egyptologist pointed out that the appearance of the actresses in white linen was familiar and known, but the appearance of Reem Mustafa in a strange black dress is somewhat unusual because the black color in women’s clothes did not appear on the inscriptions painted in the murals and temples and did not appear also in the ancient Egyptian texts.

As for the golden pectoral in which Amr Youssef appeared, it was not strange. On the contrary, these vests were widely spread in ancient Egypt.

Al-Shamaa pointed out that the appearance of Sherif Salama in the red crown is a historical mistake, as the kings of the south wore white crowns, as well as his call to Sagnin Ra, which must be followed by Taa.


Al-Shamaa expressed his surprise at Amr Youssef’s torn clothes in the promo, indicating that he was a king and took over the rule of Egypt at the age of ten, and he does not know the dramatic justification for his appearance in this way.

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